At Tri-theological we are reaching for three key outcomes. TRI stands for:

  • Transforming leadership,
  • Renewing spirituality &
  • Inspiring theological imagination.

Who are leaders in God’s church? Whose leadership needs transforming? Well, in a word – everyone. We value the diversity of God’s children, and seek to create a community where each person can deepen their sense of personal dignity, respect and love and where the giftedness of all people can be uplifted and recognized. We value vulnerability, commensurate with the trust we have in one another and in God. We know that we can best discover what is truly God-given in each of us, only where we also recognize our limitations, doubts, and failures. We strive for transformation by being our true selves and honoring each other with our gifted, vulnerable presence.

What we are hoping to do is renew our spirituality in this time together. Which is to say, we want to leave with more than a head full of new ideas, but also with a spirit full of new hope and enthusiasm for where and how God is calling us in our work for the sake of the kin-dom. We want participants to leave feeling restored and blessed.

Why do we gather like this? Over the years we have found that taking time to step away from our day-to-day work helps us rediscover God’s dream for us and the world. We want nothing less than to carve out sacred time and space to breathe in the dream of God.

How will we do this? The “how” will always be evolving to meet our gifts and resources, our hungers and hopes. Right now, during our time together, we reach for these outcomes through the following

  • Collegiality – We spend time with peers. Sometimes our daily work is isolating. We need time together.
  • Theological Education – We love to learn. We like to have our minds stretched and challenged.
  • Christian Living – We share mutual accountability for living lives of integrity in following Jesus. We consider how to live out Christian ethics in the public square…how to be church in the world. We grow in discipleship.
  • Spiritual Practices – We need to draw water from the well of Life. In small groups, individual devotion, and worship our spirits our nourished. We need to be nourished and nurtured.


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