Frequently Asked Questions

There have been some questions about the conference and we have put together these FAQ’s for you. If you have additional questions, please contact us.

Why has the cost increased?

The registration fee for this event has not kept pace with the increasing costs of hosting it. We know those who attend want a certain caliber of speakers, and we want to continue to provide what people most value. We appreciate those of you who continue to trust us to offer something valuable in exchange for the resources you spend to be with us. We are in the midst of some pivots in our approach, and we are striving to offer the most meaningful programming possible. We will continue to listen to the feedback about what you most need and what commitment you are able to make in order to participate.

What about food?

Your registration covers dinner on Monday and lunch on Tuesday. Lunch on Monday, breakfast on Tuesday and Wednesday, and dinner on Tuesday, you are invited to explore Galveston.

If you need to be creative to stretch your meal dollars, you can use the event’s facebook page ( or twitter hashtag to join others in planning meals.

Why are we not in a hotel?

Affordable accommodations are something we heard was more needed. By not tying up the event with a commitment to a hotel conference center, we hoped there would be more flexibility for affordable housing, and more opportunities to encounter the community context of the conference more deeply.

What is the theme?

Pivot: To pivot means to rotate or revolve; to depend on…What would it mean for faith leaders to pivot towards courage, change, and community? What would it look like if we actually depended on God to lead us as we lead others? What would it feel like return to ourselves, to each other, and ultimately, to God? Sometimes a large change can result from a small shift into a new direction. What transformation is close at hand for us?

Who are the speakers?

Our speakers are Reesheda Graham-Washington (Executive director for Communities First Association, Owner of L!ve Cafe in Chicago) and Shawn Casselberry (Executive Director of Mission Year); co authors of the book Soul Force. Click here for more information about our speakers. 

Who plans this event?

This conference is coordinated by a planning team with representation from three synods, a coordinator, and the registrar.

 Where do I register?

You can register online at here. Create an account, and instruction prompts will guide you through the process.

How do I make my housing arrangements?

There is information on the housing page on the website. You may want to take advantage of nearby hotels that offer the price or amenities you are looking for. Additionally, sites like HomeAway and Air BnB offer rental options that might be enjoyable and economical for some individuals or groups of colleagues.

What’s included in the registration fee?

The full program, including keynote speakers, guidebook app access, dinner on Monday, and lunch on Tuesday.

What will we be doing at the event?

We will share in worship, keynote sessions, breakout “pivot” groups, meals, and guided spiritual practices.

Why should I come to Tri-Theological?

Because our gathering won’t be complete without everyone who the Holy Spirit is calling to participate. We believe you will benefit from the collegiality, theological education, spiritual practices and call to live your faith and leadership in the world. We also know that you will bring the richness of your giftedness into this space, and that the gathering will be enriched by each one who is present. We believe you will both receive and offer God’s call through your presence.

Why did the event not happen in 2018?

It had become clear that it was time to pivot. We took some time to listen and discern which direction we might turn. Processing the feedback we received and laying groundwork for what would be next has taken (and will continue to take) some time. Thank you for being a part of charting a new direction!

Who is this event for?

While this event began among Lutheran clergy…it is our intention for it to serve an expansive audience. It is for rostered and lay leaders in the ELCA…and for leaders in other denominations. It is for anyone seeking to transform their leadership, renew their spirituality, and have their theological imagination inspired!

What if I want to be an exhibitor?

Thank you for your interest in enriching our time together! Exhibitor space is limited, and you can reach out to the planning team at to discern if your organization is a good fit for this conference.

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